Jack and the Beanstalk Abbott & Costello free movie online

Jack and the Beanstalk Abbott & Costello free movies online.

The film starts off sepia tone and switches to color.
Bud Abbott – Mr. Dinkel / Mr. Dinkelpuss
Lou Costello Lou Costello – Jack / Jack Strong
Buddy Baer Buddy Baer – Sgt. Riley / The Giant
Shaye Cogan Shaye Cogan – Eloise Larkin / Princess Eloise / Darlene

Director: Jean Yarbrough
Producer: Lou Costello
Film Trivia:
Universal refused to spend the money to make an Abbott and Costello film in color so the duo decided to do it themselves. They had an agreement with Universal which stated they could make one independent film per year therefore they decided to do it themselves using Costello’s company, Exclusive Productions. They also filmed a second color film, Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd, using Abbott’s company Woodley Productions.
Jacks (Costello) mother sends him to sell the last family possession, his beloved cow “Henry”, to the local butcher Mr. Dinklepuss (Abbott) Along the way Jack meets The Prince (who is kidnapped by the Giant soon afterward). The unscrupulous Mr. Dinklepuss pays Jack five ‘magic’ beans for the cow. When Jack returns home, Jack learns that the Giant has also kidnapped The Princess and Henry. Jack plants plants his magic beans and a gigantic beanstalk grows overnight. He decides to climb the beanstalk to rescue everyone from the evil Giant, as well as save “Nellie” his golden-egg laying hen that was previously stolen by the Giant. When Mr Dinkelpuss learns of Nellie’s existence, his greed gets the best of him and he decides to join Jack on the adventure of Jack and the Beanstalk.

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