Mr. Robinson Crusoe starring Douglas Fairbanks free movie online

Mr. Robinson Crusoe starring Douglas Fairbanks free movie online.

A 1932 American film. It is one of the few talking films starring Douglas Fairbanks in his penultimate film role, who also produced the film and provided the story. The film was directed by A. Edward Sutherland, a veteran silent film director, for Fairbanks’s Elton Productions, and released by United Artists. Steve Drexel (played by Fairbanks) shows a fiery optimism and can-do spirit that matches the Fairbanks screen persona that appears in his most popular films.
The South Seas comedy adventure featured location filming on Tahiti. During the filming the sound equipment failed and the film had to be dubbed back in California.
While sailing in the South Seas with friends aboard a sailing yacht, it is wagered that Steve can not survive on a desert isle without the accouterments of civilization. After accepting the wager, Steve and his dog swim ashore and begin to recreate their Park Avenue world by way of various Rube Goldberg type contraptions constructed from local materials. Meanwhile, on a nearby island, a young maiden flees her arranged wedding. She canoes to Steve’s island for safety, whereupon she is dubbed “Saturday”. Soon they are attacked by vengeful tribesmen from the neighboring island. Will Steve and Saturday survive?

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